Christmas Menu


Butternut Squash Soup (V)

Served with garlic croutons and finished with creme fresh

Homemade Duck Liver Pate

Served with toast and onion chutney

Deep Fried Whitebait

Served with tartar sauce

Goats Cheese Bruschetta (V)

Served on a bed of crispy salad


All main courses include a choice of roast potatoes,
new potatoes or hand cut chips and seasonal vegetables or salad

Traditional Roast Turkey or Pork

Served with smoked bacon in wine jus

Pan Fried Fillet of Sea Bass

Served with leeks and lemon sauce

Roxy’s Crispy Chicken Schnitzel

Stuffed with cheese and served with creamy mushrooms sauce

Stuffed Roasted Peppers (V)

Served with mushrooms, rice and selected herbs

Sirloin Steak

Served with peppercorn sauce

Dracula Chicken Delight

Chicken breast cooked with fresh chillies, sesame oil, red peppers and onions flamed in brandy finished with cream


Luxury Christmas Pudding

Served with brandy sauce

Homemade Apple Cake

Served with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream

Vanilla Cheesecake

Served with sour cherry jam

Christmas Day

2 COURSE MEAL £27.00
3 COURSE MEAL £33.00

Christmas Party (lunch / per person)

2 COURSE MEAL £18.95
3 COURSE MEAL £23.95

Christmas Party (dinner/ per person)

2 COURSE MEAL £22.95
3 COURSE MEAL £27.95

Starters / Tapas

Spicy Chicken Wings (C)

Served with homemade bbq sauce.


Deep Fried Cheddar Cheese (V)

Wrapped in bread crumbs,served with blackcurrant and lime sauce


Avocado & Feta Cheese Salad (V) (C)

Comes with baby spinach leaves and pickled beetroot.


Battered Calamari Rings (C)

Served with homemade garlic mayonnaise,fresh chilli & lime sauce


From the land of Dracula


Pork skinless homemade sausages with garlic and herbs.


Sarmale (C)

Stuffed cabbage rolls with mincemeat, rice & selected herbs.


Roxy's Crispy Chicken Schnitzel

Breaded chicken breast stuffed with cheese, served with a creamy mushroom sauce


Dracula's Spicy Chicken Delight

Cooked with fresh chillies, sesame oil, red peppers & onions Then Flambé with brandy and finished with cream.



Sirloin Steak 8oz


Add Sauce To Your Steak

Homemade peppercorn, blue cheese, diane.


Fresh Grilled Chicken Breast

Served with blue cheese sauce on the side


AJ's Homemade Beef Burger

With onions,tomatoes,cheese,iceberg lettuce & homemade coleslaw.


Add a Extra Beef Pattie



All main courses include a choice of hand-cut chips, new potatoes or creamy mash and a mixed salad or fresh vegetables

Pan Fried Duck Breast

Cooked to your liking served with orange sauce.


Spaghetti Carbonara (C)


Mushroom Stroganoff (V) (C)

Served with rice and vegetables


Pan Fried Fillet of Sea Bass

On a bed of warm mediterranean salad.


Mediterranean Salad (V) (C)

Feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumber and apple strips.
Add Chicken For an extra £5.00



Bread Basket (V)


Olives & Feta Cheese (V)


Garlic Bread (V)


Cheese Garlic Bread (V)


Hand Cut Chips (V)


Fries (V)


Sweet Potato Chips (V)


Green Salad (V)


Sautéed Mushrooms (V)



5 Items


7 Items


9 Items


Add An Extra Item



Local butchers sausage or veggie sausage
Egg - fried, poached or scrambled
Tomato - grilled or tinned
Hash brown
Black pudding
Heinz baked beans
Fried bread

The Champions Breakfast

2 of each item plus tea or americano coffee


Roxy's Special Breakfast

As recommended by Pure Warrior Fitness
Avocado, baby spinach,2 poached eggs served with brown bread toast & feta cheese.


Eggs Benedict Bacon


Eggs Royale Smoked Salmon


Eggs Florentine Spinach (V)

All served with 2 poached eggs & hollandaise sauce on an english muffin.


Breakfast Baguette

Choose from the breakfast menu
1 Filling £4.00
2 Fillings £4.50

Sauasage Sandwich


Bacon Sandwich


French Toast (V)

With maple syrup or honey



For Two Persons From 12pm - 3pm Monday - Friday


Roxy's Club Sandwich

With chicken breast, bacon, rucola, avocado & mayonnaise.
Add hand cut chips or french fries for an extra £1.50


Steak Baguette £3.00 Supplement

With caramelised onions and a side of homemade coleslaw.
Add hand cut chips or french fries for an extra £1.50


Chicken Schnitzel

Oven baked baguette with a mixed salad garnish & a side of home made coleslaw.
Add hand cut chips or french fries for an extra £1.50


Tuna Mayo And Cucumber Baguette (V)

With a mixed salad garnish and a side of homemade coleslaw.
Add hand cut chips or french fries for an extra £1.50

Fish 'n' Chips

Beer battered cod fillet,hand cut chips, green peas and tartare sauce.


Three Eggs Omelette And Salad Garnish (V)

Choose 3 fillings:
Cheese, goats cheese, ham, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, onions, or peppers.
Add hand cut chips or french fries for an extra £1.50


Build Your Own Burger

All served with homemade coleslaw, fries and salad.
Roxy's Homemade beef burger
Vegetarian burger delight
Fresh breaded chicken breast.


Add A Topping

Bacon, Cheddar cheese, Fried mushrooms, Blue cheese, Fried onions, Goat cheese, Jalapeño peppers.


Add A Sauce

Jack daniels, Bbq sauce, Homemade, Garlic mayo.


Add An Extra Pattie



Homemade Cheesecake Of The Day (C)


Papanas (C)

Romanian doughnuts soft inside crispy on the outside, served with sour cream & morello cherries, blackcurrants or strawberry compote jam.


Ice Cream And Sorbets Selections (C)


Available For Private Hire
For All Occasions